The Self-Worth Revolution!

Launching April 2021, Worth Camp™ is a ground breaking program that will transform the way you honour, value and love yourself.  Worth Camp™ is the process I created to reconnect you to your worth, creative flow, personal power and intuition.  You'll learn to trust yourself and your knowing of what is right, true and correct for you in each moment.  This isn't your typical self-love, self-care program.  This is about taking back your personal power, getting to know who you really are and learning to love and accept all of you for exactly who you are. 

In Worth Camp™ we're breaking down all the barriers, taking off the masks and becoming the powerful women we're here to be.

We all deserve to feel loved and accepted for who we are. That starts with self acceptance.  This program will build an unshakable belief in who you are.

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Are you a woman? Do you feel like there's a part of you that's not being fully expressed? Are you hiding any parts of yourself for fear of being judged? Worth Camp™ is for you.


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