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Human Design Fundamentals Offer

Welcome! I'm so delighted you're here and cannot wait for you to get started on your journey to better understanding The Human Design System.

Here's what you're going to learn in this course:

  • What your aura type is
  • How to pull a chart for yourself or someone else 
  • What is authority
  • What is strategy
  • What are the centres, lines & profiles
  • How to put it all together.  I walk you through a chart to get a better understanding.
  • And ways to anchor in & integrate all the expansive information you've just learned. 
  • So that you can live your life more authentically aligned with who you really are.

This course is a total game changer when it comes to simplifying Human Design.  I've put all the fundamental content in one place to save you time and energy while you're learning.  

Getting to know your aura type, strategy and authority can change your life.  Taking this course will confirm much of what you already know to be true about who you are.  But what I notice after people have experienced this course they feel more secure in themselves.  They're also fascinated and excited to dive in even deeper!

Enjoy the ride, take your time, pause and rest to ensure you're receiving all the information you're ready to take in.