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The Energy Upgrade Program

It's time to take your Energy to the next level.  If you've been feeling called to up level where you're at this is the program to help you move the needle forward.

How would it feel to be back in the drivers seat of your own life?

If you’ve been following me by now you know I’m obsessed with teaching about Energy and the impact our energy has on us and everyone else around us.

When we can get a handle on our personal energy (which is actually our thoughts & emotions) everything can change in an instant and your personal power can be restored.  In the Energy Upgrade™ Program I will teach you some simple principles & strategies that I’ve personally used to transform my life, my body, my relationships and how I value myself.

What would it feel like if you were more in control of your day?  If you felt stronger in your relationships, your body, as a mom, a wife, a friend or as an entrepreneur.  The principles and strategies I will guide you through can be utilized anywhere in your life to regain a sense of balance and excitement.

What if you no longer felt pressured, guilty or too tired to do the things YOU want to do?

What if you had enough Energy to become your most Radiant self?

We’ve all felt guilty for taking time away from our families, guilty for doing something just for ourselves and especially guilty for spending money on ourselves when it could have gone towards something that the family needed.

But what happens when you aren’t nourished?  You know you can’t nourish anyone else around you, especially when you’re feeling depleted.  When your energy is heavy, flat or low everyone experiences that with you.  It affects everything including what you’re attracting into your life, how you’re responding and most importantly how you talk to &  value yourself.  If you’re consistently in a lower energy state you’ll keep attracting more of what you don’t want instead of what you do want.

It’s your time to start creating a new way of being! One that feels so damn good, so vibrant and so magical. 

A way that will create more time for you to do the things you actually want to do not what you have to do.  The things that set your soul on fire and remind you of the powerful woman you already are.

That woman who wants nothing more than to be the best she can be EVERYWHERE in her life. 

No more feeling disappointed in yourself for being snappy, short fused and not as present as you’d like to be. 

Your Energy will be restored, you’ll value and honour yourself like never before.

You’ll be motivated to do the things you’ve always wanted to do, you’ll feel confident and capable of achieving new heights.

I know this program works.  I’ve seen countless women completely transform themselves.  But you have to be ready, willing and able to commit to yourself.

You have to want to do the work. Not for anyone else but for yourself and for that vision of yourself you’ve always imagined you’d become.  You can become that woman.  If you’re here reading this right now she’s urging you to step forward. 

It would be an absolute honour and pleasure for me to guide you back to your light, to help you ignite your flame and to see you step forward as the most radiant woman you know you are.

Are you ready to embody her? 

Here’s what we will cover in this 4 week program:

  • We start with building back up your spiritual self.  So that you can feel secure and grounded.
  • Spark your energy and learn how to maintain your Radiance more constantly.
  • Set healthy boundaries to support your growth.


What People Are Saying:

I have never done anything like this before in my entire life! After our first session in the Van Jam I knew I needed and wanted more of it! I was fully committed to whatever I needed to do! II honestly went in with no expectations at all and came out feeling like a brand new person! I feel like I have taken control of my life! I have never felt more comfortable in my skin then I do today and I owe that all to you! You taught me that it was ok to slow down and not to feel guilty about it. That taking time for myself was actually a good thing and that the more I did it the better I felt! Journaling is my all new high! Can’t wait to sit each day and to write from my heart! Who knew that could be so rewarding! Can’t thank-you enough for all that you have done! You’re kindness, compassion and love to helps others is contagious and we need more people in the world just like you.

Jennifer Leeder

Tara helped me through a really important time in my life with her supportive and intuitive coaching program. I knew it was the right time for me to make the investment and I’m so glad I did. Tara did more than guide and encourage me through a beautiful process, she also shared her knowledge from her own experiences and programs she has invested in herself. We covered many relevant topics including setting boundaries, journaling, creating daily rituals, protecting my time and energy, releasing and letting go of what was no longer serving me, goal setting, and the list goes on. I’ve learned so much from Tara and continue with the practices and strategies we developed and am already living a happier and healthier life.

Laura Ross