Unleash Your Creative Fire!

Open your heart to the powers of Venus in this one of a kind Venus Astrology Playbook.   It's an absolute must for any female creator! 

This is your time to explore the many blessings that Venus has to offer you.  Expand your ability to love, be loved and feel lovable in your life now.  Discover what brings you joy, ignites your passion and expands your creative flow.  Sync with the frequency of Venus to become more magnetic, attracting towards you only the highest aligned opportunities, clients and experiences.

Are You Ready To Activate Your Venus Vibes?

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The Venus Astrology Playbook is a Game Changer for Female Creators!

Here's what you're going to learn:

  • How to find your natal Venus and identify her house & sign placement.
  • Learn how to sync with the creative flow of your unique Venus.
  • Up-level your magnetism by shifting your energy toward more beauty, abundance and self-worth.
  • Instantly Download the Playbook
  • Bonus - Venus Activation Meditation included.
  • Access to Lady Creators private Facebook community for ongoing connection + support.

Hey There! I'm Tara,

CEO of TK Co. and founder of Lady Creators™. The cosmic witch behind The Witch + The Wick and Witchy Pots.  Host of Lady Creators podcast.

Tara has created multiple six figure businesses, authored a book, released and album.  She is a multi-faceted and multi-passionate entrepreneur who loves empowering female creators to build their own thriving empires.


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